Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shout out

A very big THANK YOU to all of my friends who helped me stay awake yesterday during my drive! THANK YOU!!! You saved my life!!!! I have the bestest friends ever.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The first day of the rest of my life

Today was a big day. A really big day. Today, after over 2 years of waiting and wanting, I finally received my miracle drug. The nurse called me last week, completely out of the blue and informed me that finally, I had been approved through the specialty pharmacy for the drug. I burst into tears. For you see, my dear friends, this miracle drug of mine, will in essence, 'cure' my allergies. Yep, you heard it, cured...kind of.

My allergy doctor told me about this drug a few years ago and initially I was very hesitant. Not that it mattered. It is a very expensive drug and had to be approved through the insurance and surprise surprise, it wasn't. We resubmitted and again, denied. Resubmitted and denied...again. See the pattern here?? Until last week, out of the clear blue, I got approved. I kept it mainly to myself becuase I was sure the pharmacy and insurance people would change their minds. But this morning, at 930AM, I received my miracle drug. Two shots, one in each arm, every two weeks, for the rest of my life. But in approximately 2-6 months, my life as I know it will change.

This miracle drug supposedly takes a person with a severe peanut allergy who cannot even be around a peanut to being able to accidentally ingest up to 9 peanuts without a reaction. What this means to me is that I will no longer have to worry about accidentally eating milk. Now I will not be able to eat a piece of cheese cake, but I will be able to eat a sandwich without worrying about what is in the bread and the meat and the sauce. You get the picture? And I figure if it can beat the crap out of my dairy allergy, it can take down my daily allergens too. Imagine that?

My life is about to change. Very soon, I will no longer...

want to rip my eyes out of my head on a regular basis. I will no longer be an eye rubber. I will no longer have itchy eyes.

And since I will no longer be itching my eyes, no more eye wrinkles.

Which also means, I don't have to wear such super strong eye makeup, I can actually wear stuff that comes off with soap and water instead of super power makeup remover.

I will finally be able to be a nose breather, no more of this low level mouth breathing for me! Actually being able to breath through my nose.

No more itchy throat and ears. Which means for those who have seen me do it, no more trying to itch the inside of my ears by violently pounding on my ear on the outside and going to town on the inside with my tongue, which people can see me doing cuz my tongue pushes my throat out and it looks all sorts of weird.

I will no longer feel like crap so often. No more of this feeling like I got hit by a truck due to my allergies.

No more harassing restaurant staff. Imagine going out to eat with me without my spiel which I alternate between the 'I will die' speech which means I can't eat anything on the menu to 'I have an allergy' speech which lands me in the ER fairly regularly.

Actually being able to eat the whole meal right away instead of eating part of it and then waiting to make sure I don't get sick before eating the rest.

No longer making my friends and family take me to the ER and sit with me while I get all drugged up, freak out and look like a cat mutant.

No longer being allergic to dogs...and cats...and grass...and bunnies...and trees...and hair...and hay...and horses...and smoke...and well, you get the picture.

Being able to go to my friend's houses that have animals! And not having to shower every time I play with Shelby!!

Being able to travel and actually eat the food, meaning no longer having to bring my own dang food with me when I travel out of the country.

Being able to go to new restaurants. How fun!!!

Not having to dissect my food before I eat it, just to make sure there are no hidden pieces of milk inside.

No more ER visits. No more worrying that I am going to die cuz I accidentally ate something. No more worrying about ending up on my floor in the ICU.

No more daily medications. Really??? Really!

Now, as a reminder to me and all of us, this is all just in theory. But I have high high hopes. This really is life changing. Imagine, me being me and not the girl who is allergic to milk. Craziness.