Saturday, November 15, 2008


Note the nienie icon on my page. Pretty much the most amazing blog. She is a complete inspiration to me on every level of my life.

Friday, November 7, 2008

10:00...AT NIGHT????

Tonight I am going out. And yes, at 10:00PM. Craziness!! This is past my bedtime and really against everything I believe in. But I am out to support a friend, so 10PM it is. I have been caffeinating myself all day in preparation.

Oh, and I have nothing to wear. But my lack of grownup clothes is another blog in itself. I will report tomorrow on what I found to wear, which can not include a hoodie sweatshirt, pjs or scrubs, and exactly how long I managed to stay awake.

You know you are a redneck if....

My family and I went out to dinner to celebrate me FINALLY getting into nursing school. This is a huge step for me towards becoming a grownup. My family all agreeing on a place to eat is also a HUGE step. After an hour of my family all trying to make a group decision, we decided on a Chinese buffet. Though by the time we drove there, I had changed my mind cuz there was not enough Chinese food there. (What is it with all the Chinese buffets serving macaroni and cheese??) At that point, my family decides on a BBQ place, which we drove to and promptly changed our minds again because come to find out, one of my sisters doesn't like any place that only serves meat. (kind of the point of BBQ, I know) SOOOO after two hours of indecisiveness, my family, in all of it's glory, ate at Old Country Buffet, more commonly known to my family as the 'Hog Trough'. So to celebrate perhaps the most exciting thing to ever happen in my life, we ate at an all you-can-eat buffet called the Hog Trough. This, my friends, is a classic redneck action. You know you are a Redneck if....