Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tests and Papers and Naps

I am writing this out of pure desperation. I have nothing to say or report on but I SHOULD be studying for my test or writing my paper, both of which are due tomorrow. So instead of doing either, I have spent the day diligently looking for other things to do and I have run out of ideas. I took a nap. I got the mail...I was secretly hoping a good magazine would come so I could read that. I have checked all my of e-mails multiple times, read all the news on CNN, FOX news, and BBC. I watched part of a movie...I certainly couldn't watch all of it, I have TONS of homework! I read some stranger's blogs. I am now writing on my own blog. I guess I could clean my room...hahaha!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Simple Pleasures

1) You know that nasty snow/dirt/ice booger that accumulates behind the tires on your car? Specifically the front wheels? For the last month or more, my driver side front wheel has had a MAJOR cliff hanger hanging off of it. So much so that the wheel would scrape against it whenever I turned a corner. But no matter how much I kicked at it, full body assault on it, I would just hurt my foot or break my shoe...or even hurt my car. I even went at it with my window scraper but no luck. I tried going to a car wash and it didn't even touch it. FINALLY, today after so, so long, I went at it again and it fell off!!!! WOOHOO!!! It was so exhilarating!!

2) While I was going at my snow/dirt/ice booger on my car, I saw a elderly couple, 80s, walking through the parking lot holding hands. So sweet. Makes me smile.

3) I was in the parking lot paying a bill. I know this sounds dumb, but actually having the money to pay the bill makes my day. I think everyone is kind of tight right now and it totally made me happy to be able to pay my bill!!:)

4) Ok, this is a gross one. I went out and bought a new toilet brush, I think one of my sister's stole my old one for their bathroom. At least I hope that is what happened. The concept that I may have actually lost my toilet brush is to disturbing to contemplate. I am a HUGE fan of the disposable plastic Scrubbing Bubbles brushes, which was the kind my sister stole. So I got myself a new one and it came with two 'tough' brushes for tough jobs. What kind of toilet cleaning job actually requires a 'tough' brush, I do not want to know. But I thought I would try it out. Hooked that puppy up and went to town on my toilet. What fun!! It got underneath the lid part that you can't see, oh, it was great. As I was cleaning my toilet, I knew that I was actually enjoying myself, and I knew that was a sad fact. See, I told you, a gross simple pleasure. Though in my defense, I have never minded cleaning the toilet. The bathtub is a whole different story. Can't stand doing that...I hate it almost as much as I hate unloading the dishwasher. Now that is my least favorite job. I may have had to clean my toilet, but at least I didn't have to unload the dishwasher! Simple pleasures!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The weather outside is frightful

Is that how you spell frightful? Cuz it is nasty outside today. Actually it is very sunny, blinding all from the sun bouncing off the snow to the point that you can barely look out your window. And that is about how close you get to the outside, just the window, cuz it is so dang cold out. It is so cold out that you don't even get that close to your window because the cold is seeping into the house through the window panes emitting a frigid 6 inches of cold air in front of the windows. It is currently -36 degrees outside with wind chill. Don't you worry though, we sent all of our school age children to stand outside and wait for the school bus this morning...because it isn't THAT cold.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kitchen sinks

I have worn mascara and earrings every day except Friday. Which I found all sorts of ironic. The first day that I left my house to go somewhere other than work and I go out with no makeup and a hoodie sweatshirt, very much like how I dressed a week ago everywhere I went! But no more. Not only do I wear mascara and earrings, but I put my face on every day too. And when I am not at work I am sporting my hooker boots, which may not be the most reasonable 'middle of the Artic' foot attire but whatever, they look good. I also have been watching 'What Not to Wear' religiously in order to improve my wardrobe and, of course, for the wonderful makeup tips!

I just learned today that I will have to wear professional clothes to the hospital when I do my clinical workups. The obvious problem is that I have no professional clothing but this is now an excellent reason to buy just such things. The not so obvious problem is that I am a most terrible clothes shopper which my sister knows all to well. I hate clothes shopping and only last about one hour on a good day, before I start to whine and give up. Unfortunately for her, she is my personal shopper as none of my sisters have nominated me for 'What Not to Wear'. So I will be looking to my sister and her very fashionable style to help me find some professional school clothes that look all sorts of hot and wonderful and are in style!:) Which added to my mascara and makeup will turn me into a grownup before I know it.

Stupid punk

Today was my first day of nursing school! So scary! I am very nervous but I do think my fear will encourage me to study harder, so it is all good. Also today I decided that I hate blow drying my hair. What a waste of time! I just have to redo the whole thing again tomorrow! But neither of these two things is the reason for my post.

Today we are having a blizzard. Shocker. I am sick sick sick of winter. Today as I was driving to school I pulled out in front of a SUV. I had stopped at a stop sign and went and just didn't see him. My bad. I knew it the minute I saw him. He still had plenty of time to slow down and probably didn't have to slow down at all but he did. I think the only reason he did slow down was so that the punk 40-year-old could shake his stupid finger at me. It was the pointer finger shake, the bad little kid finger shake. I would have much preferred the middle finger shake over the bad dog finger shake. I think what really got me was that it was some lameo man doing the shaking. Only one man can shake his finger at me and that is my father and I don't think he can even do that anymore as I am no longer 5. Though I do think that 80-year-old men can shake their finger at me. I figure they have lived long enough to think I am an idiot and if they think I am being an idiot, they are probably right. But 79 and younger do not have the infinite knowledge that age brings you once you turn 80. Until then you are just another finger shaking pig and a judgemental fool. If I do something that you find offensive throw that middle finger at me, glare all you want, honk your horn like normal people do, but DO NOT shake your finger at me. I am not your young child and I am not your dog. AAGGHH!! Stupid punk middle aged man.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

SMA; Spinal Muscular Atrophy

SMA is the number 1 genetic killer of children under 2.

One of my very dear friends lost her baby girl to this horrible, horrible disease. Please take the time to look at this link and sign the petition. It is for a VERY good cause. Thanks!

Monday, January 5, 2009

What the good looking doctor can do for me

I have worn mascara every day so far. In fact, I wore it a few days before my starting post so it has been a week. Mascara and earrings every day. Have not left my house without them both. And my theory kinda works. I got dressed every day in actual grownup clothes. One downfall to this actually dressing like a grownup thing is that I have to wake up extra early. I can shower, blow dry my hair and put makeup on in a little under an hour. This means I have to wake up at 5am. It has been amazingly easy to do, though this could be due to the fact that there is an incredibly good looking doctor on my floor right now. He seems to give me extra incentive to get out of bed in the morning so that I can put mousse in my hair! Which, by the way, actually works. For the first time in my entire life, I purchased shampoo and conditioner with a purpose, not just whatever was on sale. I have volumizing shampoo and conditioner now, along with mousse. The combo of those things, plus blow drying my hair has made my previously limp and aging head suddenly alive with volume and finesse! I guess Shayna, my friend and old hairdresser, was right all along! And it has only taken me 29 and 1/2 years to figure it out.

On the note of all these new bathroom activities that have now entered my life, I also have been making a valid effort to put away all of my hair stuff and makeup every morning before I leave, fulfilling another goal of trying to become more organized. I also put my eye glasses in the same spot every day and have not lost those in weeks, which is a drastic improvement from the losing them a few times a day. I also have organized my jewelry box and put my earrings away in the same spot every night. This all means that I have become successful at keeping track and organizing my jewelry, my makeup and my glasses. Baby steps, yes, but as any of my old roommies can attest, these are some huge baby steps. Maybe by the time I actually turn 30, I will be one of those anal retentive people that have to have all of their belongings in a vertical position with exactly one-half inch of space separating them. Good goal. Good goal.