Friday, November 7, 2008

10:00...AT NIGHT????

Tonight I am going out. And yes, at 10:00PM. Craziness!! This is past my bedtime and really against everything I believe in. But I am out to support a friend, so 10PM it is. I have been caffeinating myself all day in preparation.

Oh, and I have nothing to wear. But my lack of grownup clothes is another blog in itself. I will report tomorrow on what I found to wear, which can not include a hoodie sweatshirt, pjs or scrubs, and exactly how long I managed to stay awake.


Nat said...

I no longer have Grownup Going Out clothes. If I can't wear jeans I'm at a loss. Oh, and remember when 10 p.m. used to be when things got started in college? Now I'm winding down at 10. My bedtime is 11-11:30 now. We're old!!

Kristine said...

So, what are you doing??