Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hiatus in Hell

I have taken a very long blogging hiatus. My sister informed me the other day that it has been OVER a month since I have written anything and her tone of this fact made it seem like I had done a most terrible thing. So today, I write...finally. I have thought of many things to blame my long blogging vacation on...perhaps the that a good excuse? I live in a place that I affectionately refer to as Hell. The past two weeks the temperature with windchill has been sitting around -30. Some days, it was -40 and some days we were lucky and it was -20. See...Hell. But this is not a good excuse for my absence, as the extreme cold weather just encourages me to stay indoors leaving me with plenty of time to blog. So I have no excuse, other then pure laziness, which brings me to the topic of my blog...which is my attempts to become a grownup. And nothing on my grownup list can be accomplished with laziness. Poo.

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Nat said...

I feel like everyone has been in a kind of hiatus of sorts. Just some are not as cold as others (yours). It's actually kind of warm here today, where everything starts to melt. But then tonight it will all freeze again, and it will be the really nasty ice ruts in the road. *sigh*