Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally, Pictures

This is my new dog. Her name is Shelby. She is a German Shepard mix. She is most wonderful.
This is Shelby's "cone of shame". She had a doggie hysterectomy.
And this is the birthday cake. Not pretty, not perfect, but certainly fun.


Nat said...

That cake ROCKS! I hope I get a cool cake for my birthday...I'll have to show Pete the pic. Your dog looks so sweet.

Melodie Anne said...

Nice to blog meet you. I laughed out loud at the cone of shame! We just saw Up last night and cracked up at Doug- that is exactly what I imagine our dog sounds like! Congrats on the cute new dog. She's pretty. I'm glad to hear that Adam has some friends despite- well... Adam. I hope to see more pics of the dog soon!