Saturday, September 5, 2009

Eyebrow massacre

Well, ladies and gentlemen...I finally did it. Really, I knew this day would come. Today, I destroyed my eyebrows. Luckily I still have two but they are now shorter and much farther apart. It makes my forehead look extra huge. I was trying to be fancy and shape them. Didn't work. For those of you who live far away, I will be fair and say that it really isn't that bad. In fact, if I just wear my glasses, I don't think you can tell. And for those of you who live close, if you can tell even with my glasses on, please don't tell me.

I did this fantastic waxing job because I got all inspired to have glamorous was either that or botox. I have recently decided that I would look better if my eyebrows would just go up a tiny bit more in the center. Botox would be a quick fix. But so would just going back to the salon to rip my eyebrows into submission. No worries people, I won't actually get least not until I turn 31....

Anywhos- on the topic of my glamorous ideas, I have not had any others. Since school started, I have turned into a blob. This is not good. Last school year I turned into a blog and gained 20 pounds in one semester. Gross. I have stopped riding my bike. I have stopped eating oatmeal for breakfast, instead just eating nothing or sometimes cake for breakfast. I have not flossed my teeth. One of my friends even gave me steel cut oats to try...have not even opened the box. Poop. Tomorrow I am going to have steel cut oatmeal for breakfast. Tomorrow I will go running. Reality? Tomorrow I will at least try not to eat cake for breakfast.


tara said...

Don't worry things usually have to fall by the way side when you get busy in school (or at least that was what seemed to happen to me). Just 1 more year and then you'll be able to pamper yourself fully with all of your free time & money!

Jen said...

I wanna try that steel cut oatmeal, Autumn...should you feel the need to be rid of it someday!