Friday, November 6, 2009


I have nothing to say. Just going along here. Passing school. This is good. I am going to be a full fledged nurse in one year and two months. My parents are very excited for me to move out. I think they will have thrown all of my belongings onto the front lawn by the time I get home from graduation.

I miss my sister, Emily. She is on a church mission in Pocatello, Idaho. She will be home in February. So close. She has informed us that she doesn't think she is going to call home on Christmas. Since she will be home so soon after and all. What a doofus. I still love her...even if she doesn't want to talk to us at Christmas. Though, seriously? No phone call? What a lame-o.

Speaking of sisters, one of mine had a birthday. I sent her a package filled with some of her favorite foods, all wrapped in her favorite color. I even made her HOMEMADE (not even the Nestle cookie dough, really homemade) cookies. You know what she said? "You didn't get me anything from my list." Ungrateful ingrate. But I still love her. May never send her a package again though.

Earlier this week, we lost our dog, Shelby. After searching the neighborhood and yelling her name, we found our house...upstairs...sitting in her kennel.

Our neighbor lady who never leaves her house has the worlds worst lawn service. They cut our tree diagonally so as to not interfere with her tree. Her tree has grown onto our property. Now we have a diagonal tree. It looks stupid.

I am irritated with the whole pig flu thing. If I get the flu, I am just going to call it the regular old fashioned flu...regardless...just to be different.

I fell down the stairs. Dislodged a blood clot in my arm. Or so I have self diagnosed. I also had mouth cancer. Actually it was just a canker sore. But it was a close call.

Had a stupid boy incident. I had just had a conversation with one of my guy friends about how I need to be nicer to guys, how I should not expect so much. The very next day I had the incident. I found irony in that.

I had a 100-year-old patient the other day. He was determined to escape from the hospital. While we were walking, he was scoping out the exit signs. The only way I got him to turn around was to remind him how mad his wife of 75 some years would be at him if he left without her. He turned around. Smart man.


aHighFiveFantasticTime said...

hey! i thought your package was awesome. i was just being "facetious" haha :)

Jen said...

Aww, I miss you Autumn. When you finish with nursing school, you better move with me wherever we move next okay? You know there'll be a good hospital wherever we end up, see? PS: I'm extra sad about New Moon :( I want to go with you!

tara said...

Thanks for the update, I have been thinking about you and sorry I missed your call. Here are my thoughts on your thoughts :).

Congrats on passing, I have no doubts whatsoever that you are going to make a superb nurse...we are hiring right now (keep that in mind PLEASE!).

Sis is lamo for not going to call, seriously you obviously don't need to chat for hours but a call to family on a holiday is a necessity mission or no mission.

Boys are stupid, expectations can't be too high :) (somewhat kidding on this).

Ok, that's it. Keep the updates coming, I like reading your blog.

Sarah said...

I like to read about the random things in your life. It makes me feel a little better about the randomness of mine. I'm not alone! :)

Todd said...

You rock. - Val