Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stark naked travels

This is an emergency.

I must lose weight. Immediately. I am going to start a 'get naked' plan.

One of my friends lost bunches of weight doing her 'get naked' plan before she got married. No one get up in a huff, I am no where near getting married. But soon, I will have to be seen naked. Well, kinda naked. In five months I am going to Ecuador. And to get to that country, one has to board a plane. And now thanks to a crazy man, travelers of the sky variety are being subjected to stark naked travels. Ok, not completely, but the way things are going, come May, I may have to go through security with nothing but me and my naked self. As of right now though, travelers are having to go through a full body scanner. In which the random security people, who may or may not be perverts, get to see us all nice and nakey. All of us. Wrinkles and love handles and sun spots.

Now I am fully aware that by the time I cross the naked threshold of the airport security, these poor security people will have seen many many more naked people before me. But still. I don't want to be yet another overweight American in which my naked picture may or may not be able to be saved and sent over the internet through perverted security people's e-mail accounts. Or at the very least, if me in my naked glory do get sent via e-mail, I would like it to be cuz of my stunning crazy in shape body and not for my much loved love handles.

Today was the first day of the 'get naked' plan. Today I ran. Started my 13 week 'how to become a runner' plan...again. I have started it many many many times. Obviously, not once have I finished. In 13 weeks, I will be able to run a 1/2 marathon. Or so the plan boasts. 13 weeks puts us right into April. Which is perfecto as May comes right after April and May is the naked month. Stark naked travels, here I come!!!

PS- going to Ecuador for a nursing trip. My nursing school friends and I are all going for 2 weeks in May. It is going to be supremely amazing. More to come on that.

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aHighFiveFantasticTime said...

you're lying...they can't do those naked scanning things. are you lying????