Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ecuador in review

I went to Ecuador on a school nursing trip. There were 12 students, two teachers and the nurse who founded the non-profit group, Hands For Humanity. She organizes doctors and nurses that go to Ecuador to do surgeries on kids, specifically club foot, and helps bring kids to the U.S. for lifesaving surgeries. We had a lot of translators with us, some for only a few hours, others helped us for days and days! I can not speak highly enough about the people in Ecuador. Phenomenal.

Ecuador was amazing. I learned a lot, specifically about traveling with different people and in a group.

We stayed in three different hotels. One of which was a 5-star and was super nice. They gave us hot towels when we checked in!!

The food was fantastic! Truly, so good! The fish was so yummy and I could have eaten the rice every day! And the banana chips, which had a name that I can't remember, were surprisingly really good also! They eat them with some sort of mayo mix, also very good!

We went to the ocean....

And I even swam in a sulfur lake...only four of us had the guts to get in. I am proud to say I was one of them!

And, of course, I saw some of these...the famous Blue-footed Booby!!


Sarah said...

So cool! Thanks for posting the pictures! It looks like you had a great time... and now you can be our tour guide when we all go to Ecuador next summer. ;)

cassi said...

Wow! What a great trip! Those pictures are cool!