Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer 2010

Summer 2010 is over. Where did it go? I certainly didn't spend it blogging. Though I didn't spend it doing anything blog worthy either, so all is good.

May was the end of school and Ecuador. I still have not posted all of the pictures that I wanted to post or send even one of my postcards that I insisted on buying in Ecuador. I am such a procrastinator. I have all the postcards, they are all written, I just need to finish addressing them and actually take them to the mailbox. Much to much work apparently.

June, well, I missed June. Literally, don't remember anything from June. How sad is that?

July was spent wondering what happened to June?? A lot of my friends turned 31 in July. So old....:) Ok, so maybe I turned 31 in July also. I took a nursing boards review class through Kaplan in July. Even though I will not be taking the nursing boards till January, I figured what else am I doing in July? Towards the end of the month of July, a bunch of the nurses I work with informed me that I need to be applying for jobs 6 months in advance to graduation. 6 months in advance was July. Since then, I have spent the rest of July and so far into August being so freaking afraid of looking for a job, I have procrastinated that also. All I need to do right now is write up a cover letter of sorts and a resume. The very thought of doing so sends me into a shaking ball of fear. What if they say no and I have to find a new plan? Or what if they say yes and I have to move to New York City ALL BY MYSELF!!!???? AAGGGHHH!!!! And yes, I do want to move to NYC. So badly. There is no question that that is where I want to go.

So school starts next week. My goal...write and send my cover letter and resume to the NYC hospitals I want to work for. Though, truth be told, the original goal was for them to go out by the end of July. IT IS JUST SO SCARY!!!!!!!!


Jes and Elvin said...

You can do it!!! You'll get a job. Don't be scared. The Bottom I know is fearless!

EBERT said...

i actually really enjoy your new background. it is fun.