Monday, April 13, 2009


I am amazing. Why? Because in one month and one day, I will have finished and passed my first semester of nursing school!!!! Hooray!!!

But I am not the only amazing one. My friend Val is super amazing. She is also super crazy. She is going to run the Salt Lake City marathon this weekend. As in April 18. As in two days from now. I so wish I could be there to cheer her on! I am totally counting on my friends in Utah to go and take pictures! She is a mom of three girls and she still has time to train for a marathon. The only person I take care of is me and I can't find the motivation to go on a walk, let alone run 21 miles on a treadmill. Yes, you read right. She has run 21 miles on a ONE run!!! She truly is a huge motivation for me to get off my bum and run. Yet, obviously not enough of a motivation. Cuz my 5K is in one month and I have yet to run. Perhaps after I hear about how her and her amazing husband who is running the last six miles with her to help her finish, perhaps that is when I will be more motivated?? I am very excited for Val! I am excited that her three way cute girls get to be there when their amazing mom runs across the finish line of her very first marathon! I will be cheering for you from here Val! Listen hard and maybe you will here it. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

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Nat said...

YAY for you and for Val! I'm having trouble even just spring cleaning my house!