Friday, May 29, 2009

Cakes and Crumbs

In five hours I have to get up and frost and decorate a three layer birthday cake. I NEED to go to bed. But, of course, I can not. I need to be well rested tomorrow so that in case of cake disaster, I will not have a nervous breakdown. My friend is turning 30 and she wanted a giganto cake for her birthday cake. Imagine wedding cake. Hopefully I will develop mad cake decorating skills while I am sleeping tonight! My only other cake like this was for another friend's birthday. It was a Halloween cake and it had a butcher knife on top with blood oozing down the sides. Super cool, if I may say so myself. (as I am the coolest). But tomorrow's cake is a little more worrisome. Not the decorating part. I figure worst comes to worst, my friend will have a bleeding Halloween cake in May. Worse things have happened.
The thing I fear the most is that all the old ladies are right! I do not like being put in place by older ladies who know better then I do. I am determined to be right, dang it. Though, I have a sneaking suspicion that they are the right ones. Poop. Especially since they will be right about a very large cake. You see, I want to put all the layers together in my own kitchen, decorate it and be done. All the experienced ladies tell me that I should put it together there. Well, I DO NOT WANT TO DO IT THAT WAY. Why must people constantly disagree with me? Has not everyone figured out yet that I AM ALWAYS RIGHT....or so this birthday cake depends? Tomorrow morning I will put together and decorate my cake. I will then drive it two hours (did I forget to mention the two hours part ) and deliver it to the birthday party. If said cake arrives in one wonderful piece...I was right (as I always am). If said cake arrives in pile of crumbs...well, that is why we have forks. Wish me luck.

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Valerie said...

eeeh...good luck?