Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my life update

My ankle feels much better, thank you.

My mother left town again very last minute to go to Utah to help take care of my sister who just had ACL surgery.

Which leaves me again in charge of 2 dogs, a bunny and a hormonal 15-year-old, but this time, add to the mix a grumpy 54-year-old man who pesters me simply cuz he is bored and has nothing else to do but pester me.

So Izzy is back in my bed again.

I have to wake up every morning at 5am to make sure my sister gets up for early morning seminary. Please hold your 'my children wake up every day at 4am' comments. I am not married, I have no children and if I want to sleep in till noon, I will.

Izzy has a nightly pee break at 2am. Which works nicely with my nightly pee break at 2am except I do not have to go outside to piddle.

Also, Izzy has taken to sleeping with her head on my laptop which is in my bed at night. Weird. But to close to my head for comfort. Specifically cuz her stench wakes me up at night when she creeps to the top of my bed. She is sooo stinky. She is going to the groomer tomorrow. Thank goodness.

My mother comes home on Tuesday.


Becky said...

You are stinking adorable. You are a rock star for helping with the family. I loved your comment about sleeping until noon! To that I say AMEN SISTER!

Sandy said...

You are cracking me up with these posts! Love reading them! Glad you are doing good?