Monday, April 4, 2011

Izzy update

My sister informed me that I need to update my blog cuz my last blog was not funny. She specifically said I need to talk about the dogs. Cuz apparently my life without dog commentary is dull and boring. wonderful.

My parents are out of town AGAIN.

Izzy got all sorts of sick the day before they left. I told my mom that if I ended up having to put her down by myself, I was going to be all sorts of upset. (I had to put my dog, Muffy, down by myself, it was traumatic). But I also figured that is exactly something Izzy would do, go and try to die while my parents were gone.

No fear, two weeks later, Izzy is still alive and well. She has been on comfort care now for quite some time.

She thinks she is starving 24/7. She only does four things. Sleep, poop, eat and whine that she needs more food. After she deems a sufficient amount of time whining for more food that I ignore by turning the TV up louder, she switches to whining to go outside so that she can eat her own poop. It is so disgusting. It is a vicious cycle. Sleep, poop, eat, whine, eat own poop, sleep, poop, eat, whine, eat own poop.

When my mom is gone, Izzy sleeps in my bed. And please do not suggest she sleep on the floor. If she is left on her own on the floor, she will just spend the night peeing all over my room.

She also snores. Really loudly. Wake you up in the middle of the night snoring. Though all you have to do is flip her to her other side and she stops. She is kinda like a man that way...

Izzy has gotten especially grumpy with Shelby as of late. Shelby's very presence in a room causes Izzy to start growling. Poor Shelby, she feels so unloved.

Oh, I forgot one other thing Izzy does. She eats the garbage. We have to keep the kitchen garbage on the counter. Seriously. Our kitchen garbage can sits on our kitchen counter. Cuz of Izzy.

Tonight, she and I had it out. She just tried to attack me IN MY OWN BED!!!!! She feels as if her spot is the exact middle of my queen sized bed. Usually when I tell her to move, she does. But tonight, she tried to bite me. When I yelled at her, she bared her teeth and growled! When I went to grab her muzzle and get mad at her, she viciously tried to attack my hand!!! After a brief show down, I won. But now I can't sleep cuz I am afraid she is going to eat my face while I am sleeping!

My parents need to come back before this gets bloody.

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Gutierrez Family said...

HAHAHA!! you've succeeded in posting a funny entry. You poor girl.