Monday, January 12, 2009

Stupid punk

Today was my first day of nursing school! So scary! I am very nervous but I do think my fear will encourage me to study harder, so it is all good. Also today I decided that I hate blow drying my hair. What a waste of time! I just have to redo the whole thing again tomorrow! But neither of these two things is the reason for my post.

Today we are having a blizzard. Shocker. I am sick sick sick of winter. Today as I was driving to school I pulled out in front of a SUV. I had stopped at a stop sign and went and just didn't see him. My bad. I knew it the minute I saw him. He still had plenty of time to slow down and probably didn't have to slow down at all but he did. I think the only reason he did slow down was so that the punk 40-year-old could shake his stupid finger at me. It was the pointer finger shake, the bad little kid finger shake. I would have much preferred the middle finger shake over the bad dog finger shake. I think what really got me was that it was some lameo man doing the shaking. Only one man can shake his finger at me and that is my father and I don't think he can even do that anymore as I am no longer 5. Though I do think that 80-year-old men can shake their finger at me. I figure they have lived long enough to think I am an idiot and if they think I am being an idiot, they are probably right. But 79 and younger do not have the infinite knowledge that age brings you once you turn 80. Until then you are just another finger shaking pig and a judgemental fool. If I do something that you find offensive throw that middle finger at me, glare all you want, honk your horn like normal people do, but DO NOT shake your finger at me. I am not your young child and I am not your dog. AAGGHH!! Stupid punk middle aged man.

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Jes and Elvin said...

I hate that too! I've had people do it to me and it feels demeaning. I'm so excited for you and your nursing school experience. Just want you to know that I'm rooting for you. Good luck shopping. I'm in the same boat, but lucky for me I can get away with wearing jeans to work.