Monday, January 12, 2009

Kitchen sinks

I have worn mascara and earrings every day except Friday. Which I found all sorts of ironic. The first day that I left my house to go somewhere other than work and I go out with no makeup and a hoodie sweatshirt, very much like how I dressed a week ago everywhere I went! But no more. Not only do I wear mascara and earrings, but I put my face on every day too. And when I am not at work I am sporting my hooker boots, which may not be the most reasonable 'middle of the Artic' foot attire but whatever, they look good. I also have been watching 'What Not to Wear' religiously in order to improve my wardrobe and, of course, for the wonderful makeup tips!

I just learned today that I will have to wear professional clothes to the hospital when I do my clinical workups. The obvious problem is that I have no professional clothing but this is now an excellent reason to buy just such things. The not so obvious problem is that I am a most terrible clothes shopper which my sister knows all to well. I hate clothes shopping and only last about one hour on a good day, before I start to whine and give up. Unfortunately for her, she is my personal shopper as none of my sisters have nominated me for 'What Not to Wear'. So I will be looking to my sister and her very fashionable style to help me find some professional school clothes that look all sorts of hot and wonderful and are in style!:) Which added to my mascara and makeup will turn me into a grownup before I know it.

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Landstrom family said...

Autumn, you are too cute! I wish I could be there and go shopping with you. :) I hope nursing school is going well and that you are keeping warm! Miss you!