Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slightly Masochistic

Wal-mart home waxing kit- $15

Trying to wax yourself with Wal-mart kit- $100,000,000 worth of aggravation and pain. UGH!

Salon price to wax eyebrows, lip, and both legs- $80.

Starter kit for salon quality wax kit that will last for at least a year- $45.00

Satisfaction of getting it right at home- $PRICELESS!!!$

HALLELUJAH!!!! It was the best feeling EVER! One rip and it WORKED!!! I am on my way to becoming a wax addict! Rip, rip,rip!! YES!!!!!! I am not kidding, this is practically orgasmic! Though, I may accidentally be missing an eyebrow soon...


Amber said...

Autumn, you crack me up! Your hilarious. Please, please, please take a picture when you only have one eyebrow! Miss you tons!

Landstrom family said...

You're hilarious. I feel your pain with the walmart wax kit...holy crap, I almost took my armpit off once, and there were still plenty of hairs there on the non-skin that was left behind. By the way, I thought of you earlier today when I was daydreaming (yet again) of becoming a detective. We are twins and don't even know it. Miss you!

Nat said...

I shiver in pain just thinking about waxing! Though I probably just had the awful Walmart kit or something. I tried waxing my legs before my honeymoon, and after two rips I was done. {shiver}