Wednesday, July 1, 2009

lazy lazy lazy

I am lazy. Ask anyone who knows me, lazy lazy lazy. I don't even like washing my hair because I have to redo it all over again. What a waste of time. But desperate times call for desperate measures. My birthday is looming. My guy friends who have already celebrated this glorious year insist on telling me how horrible it was. I am determined to prove them wrong. So, first step in proving them wrong is to not let things get any worse. I am determined to take control of my body. That said, remember, I am lazy lazy lazy. It is especially hard to get off my lazy tush and do something physically active when I could just watch FRIENDS reruns. So starting this past Sunday, I have done something desperate. I have a new rule.

My new rule is in regards to my hair. As I said, I hate doing my hair (lazy). I wear my hair in a ponytail everyday. Those who know me can probably count on one hand the times they have seen me with my hair down. My new rule is that I can only wear my hair in a ponytail for the day if I have done a substantial workout that day. If I have not, I can not wear my hair in a ponytail. This is devastating news for me. I love ponytails. And I am not a fan of wearing my hair down, especially in the summer. I can still wear my hair up if I have not done anything but I will have to do something creative. And as I am not creative or talented with hairstyles, this means more work for me. And all the work doing my hair that day, I might as well take the time to exercise. I am hoping this new rule works. It has so far. Exceptions are only Sundays and weekends where I work 12 hour shifts. But working anything less does not count as an exception. And I REALLY hate wearing my hair down at work. So if you see me and I have my hair in a ponytail, please be sure to interrogate me and make sure I am not cheating. Here is to many more ponytail days.

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tara said...

You should take pictures of all of your many pony's, so those of us far away can see your progress!