Saturday, August 8, 2009

If only I was a lesbian

Seriously. Have you noticed that girls are the best at giving compliments? When you look good, they tell you. And the best thing about girls is that they still think you are pretty darn amazing even when you are not all dressed up. As girls, we get all dressed up, we primp, we squeeze, we pluck, we, in essence, torture ourselves. All for the sake of men. And the only people who notice are the girls. And they are the ones that don't care if I shave my legs. They don't care if I am wearing uncomfortable heels or ripped out half of my eyebrow. They still love me when I am wearing flip flops and pjs and my eyebrows have become two fuzzy caterpillars. My girl friends think I am the cat's pajamas when I am in my pajamas. Dang my attraction to men. Cuz my girl friends are pretty much amazing in every way. They are wonderful. A girl could not ask for better friends. Lucky lucky me. Yay for my incredible friends! Thanks for the compliments ladies!!!


Jen said...

You don't need a man! You are perfect :)

Automobile Birdsinger said...
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Automobile Birdsinger said...

SEE!!!! My point exactly!!!