Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Secret Plan

My goal of becoming organized by throwing everything I own away is being pushed into the forefront.

My father has a problem. He can not throw anything away. He is so anal about it that he keeps track of how much trash is in the garbage can in the garage! If he feels that there is to much garbage out there, he will go through the entire can!! SO GROSS!! During the few times I have attempted my organization goal, he has dug through my trash and pulled out everything he deemed not garbage. Which was pretty much everything.

But my father is going out of town this week. He is going to be gone over a garbage day. The goal is to get as much stuff as I can thrown away while he is unable to pillage through the trash. The garbage people come on Wed. Only 2 days left. The pressure is on. Stay tuned. Maybe I will even post a picture of the curb on garbage day.


Jen said...

Ok, don't throw away anything good, including old handbags or jewelry, or anything else good that I can't think of right now. K?

Allison and Jared said...

my dad is a garbage checker too. when I lived at home I would often get, "did you mean to throw this out".... take advantage while you can!!