Saturday, October 18, 2008

Becoming more physically fit

Two years ago, I bought a book that claimed to be able to teach me how to become a runner. It provided a 13 week running program to follow. Two years ago, I followed that 13 week program, hated every minute of it, but lost 20 pounds. Since then, I quit running, have gained those 20 pounds back and an extra 10 just for fun.

Yesterday, I succumbed to the pressure, dusted off my 'How to run' book and got back on the treadmill. So to sum up, in 13 weeks, I will have magically become a runner, lost at least 20 pounds, regardless of the mass amount of Oreos I consume, and will have gained the ability to live to be a 100 years old, or so the MSN article I read yesterday tells me. So here is to me becoming one of those skinny crazy lunatics who are outside running at unheard of hours in the morning, in the freezing cold.

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yuan family said...

Good for you Autumn! I know it is hard..I have been trying to be better about working out and watch what I eat and I have a hard time. I did go for a run this morning and while I don't like it while I am doing it, I do like how I feel when I am done!