Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Professional Bunny Bather

Yesterday was my day off. My list of things to do on my day off...

1) Run

2) Floss

3) Clean my room

4) Do homework

What did I do yesterday? None of the above. Instead, I gave a bunny a bath. Rereading this statement makes it almost sound cute and fun. It was not. The reasoning behind the bunny bath was that for some unknown reason the bunny had poo stuck all over it's bum. My mother told me that in order to get it off, I had to give the bunny a bath in just a few inches of warm water and the poo will soak off. Gross.

First, I have to catch the bunny. Perhaps this would be a good time to mention that I didn't just grab a random bunny from the street but that my little sister owns said bunny and I had let it out of it's cage to have reign over the living room while my mother's dog was outside. So, of course, I don't notice the poo encased bunny bum until the bunny was free in the house. Ten minutes later, the stinky bunny was put into the tub which she did not think was such a great idea. As the bunny sat in the water, the poo indeed started to soak off, causing the bath water to be filled with poo! Super gross. So now the bunny had not only chunks of poo stuck to her bum, but she was now bathing in her own poo water. And the smell was overwhelmingly horrible. By this point I am yelling for my mother like a 5-year-old cuz I am not a professional bunny bather and I have no idea what I am doing. My mother came to the rescue, drained the poo water, filled it back up and finished the job.

Speaking of me not knowing what I am doing, while I was trying to scrub the bunny's bum and free it of the excessive poo, I think to myself...first, why is the bunny poo sticking to it's bum? And how to prevent it from happening again before I become a professional bunny bather from having to depoo it so much. Plus, what is a bunny bum supposed to look like? The bunny's bum appeared kind of red to me, but as someone who has never inspected a bunny's bum before, how am I to know? Perhaps all bunny's bums look like that? I certainly can't google 'bunny privates' to find out if my bunny has an inflamed rear end! So I am at a loss. Bunny is clean and currently has no poo on it's bum, but I am afraid this is just going happen again and I will have to give the bunny a bath again. And as I said, I do not want to become good at giving bunny baths.

Oh, and before anyone suggests the obvious two solutions, I will provide the obvious answers. Yes, I have already taken my problem to the bunny books, which are useless. They say bunnies clean themselves. This bunny obviously does not. And for the second obvious question, why my sister is not in charge of bathing said bunny? Cuz if you think this is a good solution, you have never asked a preteen to do anything. I would get better results asking my mother's dumb dog to do it.


Jenny said...

Can I just say, you are one brave soul! Plus you are so funny!!

Bridge Photography Studios said...

Okay, I'm so there with you! I have had to bath more than one bunny with poo butt!
It was probably something it ate. I have one bunny that gets it every time it eats strawberries or any bunny treats with strawberry in it. My other bunny gets it when I give it alfalfa. They get D and it gets stuck in the hair and then it just builds into a huge gross mess! So, if your sister gave it a treat or something different than it usually eats, it may be what caused it.
I sure wish I didn't have experience in this to share!

Kristine said...

I am laughing my head off! I can totally see this playing through as if it happened in our little apartment! I hope for your sake, it doesn't happen again.

Oh and it would just be a nursing student that would notice the inflamed rear end of a bunny!