Monday, October 27, 2008

To be like Scarlett O'Hara

Tact. I have none. Seriously, none. What I think is what you get, be it rude or nice, there are no pretenses. This is not good. One needs to practise at least some level of tactfulness in order to succeed in this world. Rolling my eyes and and shaking my head at everyone who I think is being dumb does not get me very far with my boss, my parents, my coworkers...see how this could become a problem???

Lately I have taken to calling men pigs. To their faces. They are being pigs, but does that mean I have to tell them they are being pigs? No...but I do. Scarlett O'Hara would not have called them pigs, she may have thought it, but never would have said it. She has become my tact level role model. The character certainly doesn't think tactfully, but she has this amazing ability to bat her eyelashes and say just the right thing and get what she wants. This is the goal, to get everything I want. I will never be the type of person who thinks tactfully, but I hope to be the person who can at least speak tactfully. Fake it until you make it.

So the next time a guy is acting like a pig, instead of rolling my eyes and informing them just how big of a pig I think they are being, I instead will smile and giggle, and say, " Oh, you are just so funny". Oh, and bat my eyelashes, I can't forget to bat my eyelashes, I am thinking this is an important step. Though, I will probably end up looking like a fool with something in my eye.


yuan family said...

Is it sad that I had to google Scarlett O'Hara to find out who she was?!? I haven't seen Gone with the Wind!

Valerie said...

Since Autumn is trying to be tactful, I will be the one to say it.
Yuan, it is, indeed sad that you do not know who Scarlett O'Hara is.

chunkymilk040 said...

good grief. men are stupid. and if they are being stupid, they need to hear it. how else will they learn not to be stupid if we dont tell them they are being so?

consider it, constructive criticism.

you'll only be more miserable giving in to the male retardedness.

Nat said...

You know, Scarlett had quite the mouth on her when she talked to Rhett.

There's always the middle ground. Instead of "pig!" or "You're so funny!" there's "That's uncalled for".

Kristine said...

Hmmm, no this is not you at all. Go ahead and call the men pigs, but a better solution is to buy them food and ask forgiveness. Whether it be a donut, lunch, snickers, whatever - food is always the answer.