Monday, March 30, 2009


I am going to run a May. May 2009. As in a month or so from now. I am going to actually get off my bum in one week. One week. So now you all know. And if come June 1, 2009 I have not run a 5k, you will all know it and I will have to be embarrassed. I am interested to see if this declaring to the world thing works. I have my doubts. I am not embarrassed you all know. And one month is not a very long time for training when one takes the elevator up two floors.
One of my friends wants us to participate in a mini triathlon in August. No worries on that pressure though as I just found an article about how 15% more people die in triathlons then marathons. Sound enough proof to me that I should stay indoors and watch Friends reruns...after I run my May...2009. Not 2010. One month or so from now. Must start walking up stairs.


Landstrom family said...

I wish I had your motivation. I can run a mile and then always stop. Not sure I'd last the whole time for one of those races! I hope you have fun training for it!

Nat said...

Good for you! I can't even get my butt out of bed to exercise three times a week, and I'm totally not even close to being in a 5K!