Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My previous post, which I meant to be funny, has made one of my dear friends not want a dog anymore! WHAT!!!??? This is not acceptable because dogs are pretty much the best thing ever. So after some contemplating, I decided to repost my Izzy's evil plan, and post another blog about how much I LOVE DOGS. Seriously peoples, I will have dogs before I have children. If I had it my way, I would always have a dog. I shall list a few of the reasons that I love Izzy, despite her pooping problems. Please note how much I must love Izzy for me to still love her after picking up her poo in the in the living room over and over and over again.

Reasons why I love Izzy....

1) She is a great foot warmer. She keeps your feet warm by laying on them, sometime much to her disagreement, but this is what is so great about a small dog, I want her on my feet, I put her on my feet!

2) She is a great watchdog. I actually like having her sleep with me because I know no one is hiding under my bed or in my closet waiting to attack...she may not be able to attack back, but at least she would give me some advanced warning of my impending doom.

3) She looks really awesome after she hangs her head out the moving car window.

4) There is no one who looks better or more humiliated in Halloween costumes, Christmas costumes, Easter Costumes and really any day that we can come up with costumes.

5) She gets really excited when you come home. Sometimes she will even get up to greet you...sometimes...she is really lazy.

6) She thinks all of your cooking is great. And if she won't eat it, well, then you know you screwed up.

7) You dropped something on the ground? No problem, just call Izzy and she will eat it right up. No need for sweeping, mopping, vacuuming. She will eat anything.

8) She is cute, kinda so ugly she is cute category, but whatever, she is cute.

9) And last but not least, she is my friend. She sits there and pretends to listen to me when I am talking. If she was not there, I would be talking to walls and that, my friend, is weird.


Landstrom family said...

You're hilarious...a repost, just for me. It was totally funny by the way. You take me too seriously, my dear! ;)

Nat said...

I remember when my parents first shaved Daizy (their shih tzu); she was so embarrassed! They had to put a sweater from a teddy bear on her. It was so funny.