Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March weather

I just want all of you who do not live in Hell to know that it was -25 degrees windchill this morning. Yep, middle of March and it is drastically below zero. It makes me want to cry. This winter seems to be really dragging. On a plus note, I blame the nasty and horribly long winter on my winter weight gain. At least it is the weather's fault and not my lack of exercise and healthy eating. Stupid weather.


Nat said...

Hey, I blame my kids for lack of energy to exercise. It's totally not my lack of desire. (It's freezing here, too, by the way.)

cassi said...

I saw that same temperature on the news this morning, and all day I keep thinking, I must have read that wrong, there is no way it was really -25!!! It's March right?! Let's hope it warms up soon.