Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today was a busy day. I had class at 7am, after I had to run to the store to pick up some necessities for my upcoming vacation, like candy and magazines and summer clothes that will fit now, not in a month or two when summer is actually here. After that I rushed to start doing laundry/clean my room and clean my bathroom all before going to work. Ok, so in all reality, I am not that busy, but I am trying to set the scene here. Anywhos- I stop to eat lunch, which in the middle of that I had to take the dog out and so finally I sat down for lunch. This is when I notice a weird smell coming from me. I think, "Well, isn't that gross."
The stench kind of comes and goes. I sniff my sweatshirt, which I must admit was dirty but give me some slack, I was cleaning/laundry. Nope, my sweatshirt didn't stink. I keep on eating. Still, random stinkiness. I sniff my food. Nope, my excessively healthy and filling meal of Honeycomb cereal was not the culprit. Hmmm? I sniff my drink. Nope, not that either. So I keep eating, cuz remember, I am on a time crunch, I have to get to work. Still eating, still stinky. Next step is checking my breath...gross if that was the problem, but always a possibility. And no, stench not coming from my mouth. Resume eating. Hum de dum, where is that nasty smell coming from?? And right then, in the middle of my lunch, I realize where the smell is coming from. What was the stinkiness?? It was dog poop...ON MY HAND!!!!! WHAT???? Can you get hepatitis from consuming dog poop? I know you can from human poop, but since I usually don't consume either human or dog feces, I am at a loss! I ATE LUNCH WITH DOG CRAP ON MY HAND!!! So sick. I inspect dog...nope, she neither smells or has crap lingering on HER body. Lucky dog. Next I go to the dog leash. Oh wait, let me specify that the very first thing I did was bleach my hands...OBVIOUSLY. Lesson to be learned though, ALWAYS wash before you eat. Ok, so I go to the leash and there it was, right there on the clip that clips onto the dog collar is the poop. How did my dog get poop all the way up on her collar? Gross. I don't want to know. So that is my gross story. I must now go do some internet searching on hepatitis signs and symptoms. Sick.

PS- I still love dogs. Though if I get hepatitis, I may have to rethink my devotion.


Valerie said...

I do not like dogs. Oops, I first wrote that I don't like dongs. ha ha. I am giggling. I really don't like dongs either. Anyway, your story doesnt help (for dogs or dongs for that matter). I even read your other post, then scrolled down to read more, but I don't have enough love to read the ones about your dog and the whisperer and your love for dogs. Sorry. I hope you will still like me. I just sent you a long email and then my computer wierded out and kind of turned off, so let me know ifyou got it.

Courtney said...


and mesquite is supposed to be lower 80s upper 70s i believe.

so pretty dec